Kerics Foods
From the dining table to a recognised brand.

Are you sitting comfortably? Now let’s begin…

It all started around the family dining table in 2015 for Founder, Janet Ubuane. While raising her young family, she noticed how much her husband and two kids devoured freshly prepared salads and vegetables juices. Not only that, their packed lunches to work and school were often met with admiration due to how colourful, delicious, fresh and healthy they were. Her colleagues would ask, jokingly, if she could bring along pre-pack additional meals for them at an agreed price.

A few months later, KERICS Foods was born out of her need to provide healthy variety of meals to her family and work colleagues.  From the beginning, she knew that whatever she created had to be easy, affordable and delicious so it could become a lifestyle.

She also wanted to make it as customised as possible and be close to her clients so she could study their taste and ensure that they were getting the meals just how they liked it. She formed a small but dedicated team who were excited by her vision.

Fun fact, KERICS is a portmanteau of the names of her two kids, which explains why we always have to write it in capital letters!

Fast forward to 2016, our first website was created with a small but loyal base of clients. From there, she converted her guest lodge to a fully functional food-sanctuary with a kitchen and a home office where customers’ orders are taken by phone and it (the home office) also serves as a creative space for recipe inspirations. KERICS Foods would be web-based and attentive to customer tastes.

Thanks to a relentless focus on improving our recipes and customer service, we are a web-based healthy food business and all our fresh vegetables and fruits are sourced from local farmers. All our meals are freshly prepared because we don’t believe in leftovers. Our juices are cold pressed to retain the nutrients and they are made from 100% whole ingredients. None of that artificial preservatives here. Oh, and our recipes are customised for children and for grownups.

For the past few years, we have consistently maintained a web store and social media ordering platforms. Our fruits and vegetables are locally sourced from farms within Nigeria and we pride ourselves with our dedication to contribute towards making organic vegetables and fruits become part of most meals in our country, and at affordable prices.

We offer food experiences. Simple. Just like every respectable business, we have a mission.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to promote healthy food choices through meals made from vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers. We achieve this by providing a one-stop solution for clients in need of deliciously prepared meals and drinks but who might be too busy to source for the ingredients and prepare it themselves.

Our Unique Selling Point 

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. We will just tell you how it is.

  • our fresh juices are cold pressed, or freshly squeezed (for citrus) just the right way;
  • ingredients for our salads are freshly cut and our salads are built when we receive your order;
  • our meals are safe and are packaged under hygienic conditions to limit the risk of contamination or spillage, all for your convenience;
  • and, we have an impressive array of meals with a variety of salads and cold pressed juices and healthy juices

From the farm to, processing of our client’s order in KERICS Foods Kitchen, to delivery within Abuja metropolis.

Our products include;

  • 25+ variety of salads made-to-order;
  • cold-pressed juices;
  • freshly made smoothies;
  • assorted sandwiches (freshly assembled);
  • pancakes and wraps;
  • fruit parfait made with yogurt, granola and variety of toppings.

Hungry? No worries. We drive fast (within legal limits) and deliver faster!

Here’s the thing! We don’t know exactly what the future looks like, but we know that we have a mission – to provide and promote healthy food choices – and we’re learning every day how we can move in the right direction. We continue to do this by investing in our people, our clients and technology.